Puppy Schools


The puppy schools listed here are run by ABC members who are bound by a strict code of ethics.

Please note that these schools have not been inspected by the ABC.

Should you experience any problems, or have any complaints regarding any of the facilities listed below, please contact the ABC.

Puppy School is where your pup’s future, as a confident and stable adult dog, begins to take shape. If you, as a caring and responsible puppy owner, are unsure of a specific puppy school ask for a couple of references from puppy owners who have completed a course at the puppy school you are considering.

Over the last couple of decades the benefits of puppy schools (sometimes referred to as puppy socialising classes) have gained more and more recognition. While this is great news for puppies and puppy owners, it has unfortunately paved the way for many unqualified trainers to jump on the bandwagon. A poorly run puppy school and/or an inexperienced instructor can result in disastrous consequences for both owner and pup.  

“Socialisation is the process of becoming familiar with all kinds of animals, people, places and things; as well as learning how to behave in society. It makes sense that if a pup grows up meeting lots of people and going to lots of different places, and always having fun when it happens, he’ll grow into a confident, secure adult dog who loves to meet people, visit places, and is comfortable in all situations. 

“If a puppy is shielded from new experiences and people, he’ll likely grow up to be timid and possibly frightened of new things and more likely to react defensively around new people and in new situations and this is potentially dangerous.” – Dr Ian Dunbar, well known animal behaviourist, writer and originator of the first socialising classes for puppies in 1981.

The puppy owner is encouraged to select a puppy school carefully. With this in mind we have put together a few guidelines to help puppy owners find the ideal puppy school.

A puppy school should be a positive, and educational experience for both owner and pup, where owners receive the knowledge and skills to raise a puppy caringly and effectively, and where the puppy learns foundation obedience, as well as good manners and social skills