May / Jun 2021

May / Jun  2021


do hope you enjoy this issue which has some interesting scientific articles as well as some fun and training articles. Sit back and enjoy!

The ABC are very excited about the online seminar coming up on the 7th June 2021 with Suzanne Clothier. This talk is on Multi-dog households. Details on the talk are at the end of the newsletter.

Food as a contextual cue in counterconditioning experiments: Is there a counterconditioning process?

By Judith L. Stella1 and Candace C. Croney1

Editor’s Note – Research has come a LONG way since this study was undertaken in the early 1980’s I do confess cringing at some of the descriptions of these experiments…

Experiments 1 and 2, the resistance to extinction of avoidance was greater if food was given during extinction of fear to the CS than if no food was given, even when exposure to the CS and numbers of food and no food confinement trials were equated. It is suggested that….


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