April / May 2017

April / May 2017

AfriCanis Nguni dog vs. so-called Township dog vs. Greyhound type dog.
Johan & Edith Gallant

The AfriCanis, better called „Nguni dog‟ in view of the fact that they migrated with the Early Iron Age Bantu- speaking people into Southern Africa, like the Nguni cattle.. He is the traditional indigenous rural African dog of Sub-equatorial Africa. In South Africa, “only” to be found in isolated ancestral tribal lands, such as interior of Zululand, Mpodomisa, Pondoland, Lebowa, Bophuthatswana, Sekhukhune, Gazankulu and Venda.
DNA research has proven that there is an African dog genotype. The AfriCanis Nguni dog is a landrace and not a breed. They have not been selectively bred for specific looks . . . . . .


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