March / April 2018

March / April 2018

Preparation for a new (Human) baby into a dog household.
By Sally Bradburry.

Create a safe place for your dog

A crate would work best to create a safe haven for your dog, his own space to relax in. Choose a comfortable sized crate; your dog should be able to stand up in it. Furnish it with a comfy sponge mattress and some blankets and follow the next steps to crate train your dog.

Step 1: Throw a couple of treats around the crate, bring your dog to the crate and let your dog find the treats on the floor. While your dog’s head is down, and he is sniffing the treats, drop a couple more treats for your dog to find. Then start to drop one treat at a time. Practise this for two minutes a day, three times a day. . . . . .


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