In order to qualify as an accredited animal behaviourist with the ABC of SA you require a comprehensive academic background coupled with practical hands-on experience. These recommended courses are solely a theoretical foundation.

ThinkingPets Confi Puppy and Confi Kitten Instructor courses

A well run Puppy School can provide a puppy with the sound base that he needs to become a confident, successful pet dog and that is what we at ThinkingPets believe should be the goal of all Puppy schools.

To this end we offer a 4 month Puppy Instructor course that will give you all the tools to enable you to present such a course – from how to deal with challenging owners, to dispelling the "Dominance myth", from puppy illnesses and vaccination protocols to how to explain normal puppy behaviours as well as how to train the basic obedience exercises with practical application.

Whilst kittens have a much shorter socialisation period than puppies, a lot can still be done to help them settle into their new homes and assist the new owners with common kitten behaviours like how to play appropriately, litter box requirements, health issues and how how to read feline body language. The Confi Kitten Instructor course will give you all the information you need to assist clients either individually or in a group and can often make the difference between a cat who is a much loved member of the family and an outcast who lives on the fringes of society.

Once you have successfully completed either of these courses you are eligible to join the ThinkingPets Guild, one of the largest groups of trainers and behaviourists in the country, who you can call on at any stage for assistance with any problems you may encounter.

The highly qualified tutors for these courses are:

Leigh Shenker BADA (HONS) (WITS), DipCABT (NOCN UK), CAPBT Practitioner Kieron

Piper DipCABT (NOCN UK), Cert CAB CAPBT Practitioner

Linda Van Der Poel - DipCABT (NOCN UK), Cert CAB CAPBT Affiliate Alexandra King Cert CAB

Judy Post MSc. (Entomology), CertCAB, Guild Certified TTouch Practitioner.

For more information on either of these courses please contact us on or go to our website


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When a dog is presented for behaviour problems to a veterinary ethologist or accredited animal behaviourist it will usually have multiple disorders...

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