In order to qualify as an accredited animal behaviourist with the ABC of SA you require a comprehensive academic background coupled with practical hands-on experience. These recommended courses are solely a theoretical foundation.

Canine Behaviour Foundation Course

For full information on the course, including Theory and Practical sessions - Visit this link or contact us on 073 735 0459 or

A career with dogs is really a wonderful and exciting career to consider – each and every day is different and watching a dog with fear behaviour for example, become a confident and happy dog is a sight that warms the heart and gives one a feeling of a job well done. In addition to getting to work with these wonderful animals on a daily basis, it really is a profession that has opened up so very much and there are now many different genre available to people wanting to peruse a career with dogs – knowing and understanding behaviour will stand you in excellent stead, no matter which direction you decide to go forward, whether Doggy Day Care, Grooming, Behaviour, Instructing, Dog Walking, Holiday Care, Kennel Owner etc.

This course is presented in an easy to follow format and is unbelievably comprehensive, presented by a professional, working canine behaviourist, and will give you everything you need to start your career.

On this unique course you will gain:-

  • A complete and well rounded knowledge and understanding of why dogs do the things they do right from pups to seniors.
  • Know the reasons as to why the different behaviour concerns occur.
  • Receive the knowledge, ability and tools to be able to change behaviour concerns and start your career.
  • The best, most comprehensive foundation you can get so that you can take your skills and studies further.
  • All material is presented in an easy to understand format
  • Monitoring and assistance for the first year of having your own practice.
  • The course has more practical sessions than any other courses currently available in South Africa to ensure that you get the knowledge and experience you require.
  • At least 7 Practical Sessions in the Puppy Section (more can be arranged)
  • Monthly Practical Sessions - it is virtually impossible to become a behaviourist unless you learn to use the tools of your trade
  • Monthly Skype Seminars on various aspects of behaviour contained in the course with student participation.
  •  Two sessions of Tellington TTouch so that you can work on your own dogs and get an understanding of how this fantastic modality works.
  • Role Play Session
  • Case Studies to be completed
  • You have 24/7 access to us by email during the week
  • You can start at any time during the year and have 27 months to complete the course
  •  Course can be undertaken in 3 separate Modules, undertaking one at a time and being able to take a break inbetween
  • On successful completion of all 3 modules, you will qualify as a Canine Behaviour Advisor Level 1 (CBFC-FODS) and be able to start your career.
  • You will receive full mentoring for a 12 month period so that you receive the back up and support you require. This will allow you to gain the practical experience and under take further studies which are required before you can apply to the ABC of SATM.for accreditation.
  • This course is recommended by the Animal Behaviour Consultants of South AfricaTM and counts for points towards Accreditation.
  • All successful graduates will be bound by our code of ethics

There are two option available to do the course:-

  1. You enroll for the full Canine Behaviour Foundation Course which comprises of 3 Modules . Booking for the Full Course Fee in advance does award you a considerable financial discount and you have a full 27 months to complete the 3 Modules, which awards plenty of time for those working on a full time basis.

    To qualify as an accredited behaviourist with the ABC of SATM, at least 3 years experience is required as well as more in-depth study into the Ethological aspect of behaviour as provided by our Level 2 Canine Behaviour Advanced Course.

    You can enroll for the course at any time during the year. However assignment are not marked or sent out from mid December to mid January annually


  2. You undergo one Module at a time and you have 9 months to complete each module. This allows you to still fulfill your dream of your chosen career, however work within your own time restraints and work commitments and do each Module when you are ready.

Behaviour Tip

When a dog is presented for behaviour problems to a veterinary ethologist or accredited animal behaviourist it will usually have multiple disorders...

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