In order to qualify as an accredited animal behaviourist with the ABC of SA you require a comprehensive academic background coupled with practical hands-on experience. These recommended courses are solely a theoretical foundation.

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ABC Counselling skills course - one of the criteria essential for accreditation.

Organisation: ABC
Contact for details.
Cost: R600.00

The Animal Behaviour Consultants OF SA © ™ is proud to announce, that applications are now being considered for MODULE ONE of our Counselling Skills for Consultants course.

The course is to be presented via correspondence, and is ONLY AVAILABLE TO FULLY PAID UP MEMBERS OF THE ABC OF SA © ™.

Counselling skills for a prospective, and even for an existing behaviour consultant, is a vital part of our profession. Without good "people' skills, it is impossible for a consultant to practice effectively. Proof of counselling skills is also one of the criteria for an applicant to have undergone, in order to be considered for accreditation as a practising ACCREDITED animal behaviour consultant with the ABC of SA © ™, and is an integral part of our Accreditation Criteria.

The Counselling Skills for Consultants course, has been complied by highly experienced (ABC of SA© ™) consultants, who have worked in the industry for many years, and have in-depth knowledge of what is needed to succeed in this field.

This course consists of six modules, which can be taken over a prolonged period of time, and is presented, one module at a time. As each individual module is completed, the student then applies to undertake the next module. This has been done deliberately, in order to help students with financial, (and in some cases), time constraints, and to make it easier for them to achieve this vital part of their education, and make compliance with our accreditation criteria easier and more assessable.

This course covers all aspects of counselling and consulting skills.

Here is a brief preview of what is included in the first two modules.


  1. Overview of the module
  2. What to expect
  3. Roles and responsibilities
  4. Ethical considerations
  5. Legal considerations
  6. Health and safety considerations
  7. Money issues
  8. When to refer a client
  9. Assignment


  1. Overview of the module
  2. The need for counselling skills
  3. What makes a good counsellor?
  4. Listening
  5. Non-verbal communication
  6. Asking meaningful questions - Open questions / closed questions. Paraphrasing etc.
  7. Taking notes
  8. Appreciating differences in culture
  9. Types of clients
    1. Despondent clients
    2. Anthropomorphic clients
    3. Involuntary or sceptical clients
    4. Emotional clients
    5. Uncommunicative clients
    6. Demanding clients
  10. In summary
  11. Assignment

Assignments are submitted by e-mail and results thereafter will be sent to each individual student timeously.

Tutorial assistance will also be made available.

The cost is R600 per module, and confirmation receipt of payment secures your admission.


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