Scotty Valadao

Accredited 2006 - Canine

Scotty with Ollie, one of the Fallen Angel shelter dogs

The areas that I work in are:- Edenvale and surrounds, Thornhill, Modderfontein and surrounds, Kempton Park, Lyndhurst, Kew, Glenhazel, Balfour Park, Highlands North, Sandringham, Orange Grove, Linksfield, Senderwood, Linksfield, Cyrildene, Bruma, Morninghill, Kensington, Bedfordview : 073 735 0469 :

Scotty has been passionate about dogs for as long as she can remember. This passion has grown over the years and has culminated with Scotty working with dogs on a full- time, professional basis since 2000 and obtaining qualifications in the following areas:-

  • Accredited Consultant ABC of SA® (Canine)
  • Qualified Canine Behaviourist SABCAP
  • Basic Home Obedience & Puppy Training
  • Modern Theories of Canine Psychology, Behaviour & Obedience (UK)
  • Ethology – Basic Animal Behaviour (Canine)
  • Tellington TTouch Practitioner
  • Veterinary Nutrition Advisor
  • Clicker Training
  • Louise L Hay Facilitator

Scotty believes that if one has the basic understanding of how and why something works, then one has the knowledge to take action in an educated manner. This applies to dogs as well, and if we can become aware as to how a dog thinks and acts and how to respond appropriately, this goes a long way to avoiding unnecessary dog bites, unnecessary behavioural problems and in general, makes the relationship with the canine world a much safer and harmonious one.

To help you and your dog, the consult takes place in the comfort of your own home and where the behaviour problems are being experienced. The session is in the region of 1.5 to 2 hours, and within 48 hours you will receive a comprehensive report on all work to be done. Scotty additionally stays in touch with you for a 2-week period, by email, for any help or questions you may have – no additional charge.

Education is the key, and to this end Scotty founded the free dog website in 2011 and today it has over 1400 articles, breed compatibility, Puppy & Dog schools, free E-books, Adoption Assistance, and countless other areas to assist owners. The website is not open for further sponsorship and is now a NPC and a PBO, with monies earned going towards the work in shelters.

Scotty does a lot of work with the shelters to improve the dog's quality of life and also to make them more adoptable. To this end, she put together the Canine Behaviour

Shelter Course, where volunteers and anybody that wants to know more about working with dogs will find invaluable. These are available in both Gauteng and the Cape. Scotty's passion is working with dogs with fear issues and here she finds that the combination of TTouch and behaviour modification achieves the best results. A dog that is fearful is carrying a huge amount of stress in it's body, and bringing in the TTouch element, helps the dog to destress and learn a new way of behaving.

Scotty also offers the Canine Behaviour Foundation Courses in both Gauteng and the Cape. These courses include over 20 practical sessions and will give one all the tools needed to start working in the profession. These courses are recommended by the ABC of SA towards gaining Accreditation. Scotty has been a regular contributor to various dog related publications as well as been on radio on dog related shows, such as 702, 94.7, Edenvale Local Radio.


Behaviour Tip

When a dog is presented for behaviour problems to a veterinary ethologist or accredited animal behaviourist it will usually have multiple disorders...

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