Candice De Villiers

Accredited 2005 - Canine

Candice holds a number of qualifications in the field of animal care and behaviour:

  • Diploma in Ornithology (1996)
  • Diploma in Nature Conservation (1997)
  • Certificate in Basic Animal Behaviour (2002)
In addition to running puppy classes as well as adult dog training classes, Candice has also operated "pre-school" puppy classes for the past three years. She has also held a management position in a veterinary practice for a number of years.

Candice has also spent much of her time over the last nine years as a volunteer guide at Two Oceans Aquarium.


Behaviour Tip

When a dog is presented for behaviour problems to a veterinary ethologist or accredited animal behaviourist it will usually have multiple disorders...
Apr 2011

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