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Origin and History

There are various theories and legends surrounding the origin of the regal Siamese. The most popular belief is that they originated in Thailand (previously named Siam) where they resided n homes and temples.


You will recognise the Siamese by its striking blue eyes, large eyes and short haired cream coloured coat, which is accentuated by coloured “points” on the face, ears, tail and the feet. These “points” vary in colour and can be blue, chocolate, lilac or seal. Their bodies are elegant and muscular, the hind legs are slightly longer than the front legs and the tail is shaped like a whip. These wonderful cats weigh anything from 3-7 kilograms and they have a longer lifespan than most other breeds, known to live into their twenties.

Character & Temperament

The Siamese is curious and talkative. They love to Chat to their families with their distinctive loud voices and versatile body language. Toys and scratching posts are an absolute necessity and if the owner is away for long periods it is advisable to have another Siamese cat in the household to keep behavioural problems at bay. Some Siamese are known to play “fetch”, they love to be the centre of attention and are extremely affectionate, sometimes also prone to jealousy.

Possible Health Concerns

Siamese cats do not appear to have any specific health issues as long as they are vaccinated and de-wormed properly. Take care that your Siamese does not become overweight. From eight years onwards you may consider a full annual check-up at the vet to check teeth as well as liver and kidney function.


Behaviour Tip

When a dog is presented for behaviour problems to a veterinary ethologist or accredited animal behaviourist it will usually have multiple disorders...

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