By Emmylou Rivers 2010/04/01
  An Insight Into Bird Behaviour
By Duncan Butchart 2009/12/01
  Recognising Diseases In Caged Birds
By Sandra Ferguson 2009/03/01
  Feather Plucking and Picking in Caged Birds
By Sandra Ferguson 2009/01/01
  Teaching Birds To Talk
By Melvyn Greenberg 2008/03/23


  Spray it again, Sam! Urine Spraying Behaviour in Cats
  How Old Is Old? Signs Of Feline Ageing
By Sarah Hartwell 2010/01/01
Can Cats Talk?
By Sarah Hartwell 2009/12/01
  Do Cats Dream?
By Sarah Hartwell 2009/03/01
  Cats And Behaviour Problems
By Ilana Reisner 2009/01/01



Curly's Secret - "One Thing?"
by Shannon McKay 2017/02/10


The Life of the Owner of a Reactive Dog

  DogNostics Definitive Dictionary
  The South African Veterinary Council policy on tail docking in Dogs
  Titles of Achievement in Dog Sports
By Carole O’Leary and Paula Jordi 2010/04/01
  Babies Dont Bite
By Carole O'Leary 2010/04/01
  The Moral Life Of Dogs
By Jennifer Viegas 2010/01/01
  Reasons for, and conditioning a dog to use a muzzle
By Melvyn Greenberg 2009/12/02
  What does one do when your dog starts growling at you?!
By Melvyn Greenberg 2009/10/19
  Why would I want a puppy?!
By Melvyn Greenberg 2009/05/27
  How Much Will That Doggie Cost?
By Belinda Thomas 2009/03/01
  Bones: What Do They Mean To Dogs?
By Dr Melvyn Greenberg 2009/01/01
  Why a Dog would kill its owner
By Melvyn Greenberg 2008/11/22
  Thunderstorms and Fireworks
By Melvyn Greenberg 2007/12/04
  Townhouses have lost the Security Plot
By Melvyn Greenberg 2005/09/25
  Dog Training: Dog Senses
By Charlie Lafave 2004/01/01


  Fireworks and your pet
By Bronwyn Hayes 2010/10/29
  Ten Tips on Coping with Pet Loss
By Moira Anderson Allen, M.Ed. 2010/06/01
  Teaching Pets Life Skills
By Melvyn Greenberg 2010/03/14
  Are Dogs More Faithful Than Cats?
By Sarah Hartwell 2009/12/01
Taking Pets on Vacation
By Melvyn Greenberg 2008/12/01
  Vision in Animals
By Melvyn Greenberg 2008/11/16


  Animal Protection Act
  Clicker Training Your Rabbit
By Joan Orr and Teresa Lewin 2010/08/01
  What Is Your Guinea Pig Saying?
By Lianne McLeod 2010/01/01



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When a dog is presented for behaviour problems to a veterinary ethologist or accredited animal behaviourist it will usually have multiple disorders...
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